TSCOR is largely powered by volunteers. We maintain a small staff of one full-time and three part-time employees who provide guidance and direction to our volunteers and perform the day-to-day functions of TSCOR’s programs and services.

Julie Adams-Buchanan, executive director,
Julie was raised in Northern Virginia but has lived more than half her life in Richmond. Horseback riding, travel, music, performing arts and friends were her passions growing up. She earned a BS in Sociology/Anthropology and an MS in Sociology from VCU. In March of 2013, Julie earned her Certification in Volunteer Administration, demonstrating professional excellence in mobilizing and managing volunteers. Julie is an active member and avid volunteer at First Baptist Church where her grandfather, Dr. Theodore F. Adams, was pastor. When not at work, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, especially at her family’s cottage on the Potomac River in the Northern Neck.  Julie came to TSCOR in January of 2008.

Brenna Dennis, administrative and media coordinator,
Brenna grew up in Wisconsin, Minnesota and West Virginia. After a brief stay in Falls Church, VA, she married and relocated to Richmond with her husband in 1991. She worked various jobs in retail – everything from visual display for Woodward & Lothrop to assistant manager with Blockbuster Video – before entering administrative roles. She holds a degree in Liberal Arts. In addition to organizing anything within reach, Brenna enjoys reading, drawing, painting, word-smithing, making people laugh and creating to-do lists. She began her career with TSCOR in August of 2014 as an office volunteer and became a staff member in February of 2015. 

John Countryman, lifelong learning coordinator,
Originally from Vermont, John grew up on Shaw Mountain where he learned to ski and shear sheep. John’s been with his partner, Ruthy, for 48 years, and their daughter, Sarah, was born and married here in Richmond. His first career was as a theatre professor. Among other institutions, he taught at UR, where he also served on the faculty of the Virginia Governor’s School for the Humanities summer program for 20 years. When he retired from higher education after 38 years, he returned to grad school and earned a Masters in Gerontology at VCU with a focus on life stories and reminiscence. He’s a member of the Inside-Out Playback Theatre Company of Harrisonburg and facilitates Guided Autobiography courses online. John has earned certifications in Intergenerational Programming and Practice, Reminiscence and Life Review, and various forms of personal coaching. In addition, he has a passion for Ireland and has travelled there many times to teach, fulfill a Fulbright award, conduct research, attend conferences, and explore all the country has to offer. He loves to travel, read historical fiction and memoir, and write poetry, personal essays, and drama. John joined the TSCOR staff in July of 2021.

Lori DeLay, finance manager,
Lori grew up in Connecticut and Massachusetts and loved to visit her grandparents and great grandparents in New Hampshire and Pennsylvania. She began higher education through community college and at the age of 30 earned a bachelor’s degree in Allied Health at the University of Connecticut. Following graduation, she moved to California and lived in Santa Cruz, San Francisco, and Oakland for a total of 30 years. While there, she completed a Master’s in Social Work and as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker provided Mental Health Services in schools, non-profit organizations, psychiatric hospitals, and county mental health. During the latter part of her career, Lori enjoyed working with contracts, budgets, and databases, and would find any reason to create an Excel spreadsheet both at work and home. After 20 years, Lori retired from Alameda County Behavioral Health and moved with her wife to Virginia to help her in-laws live at home and be closer to family on the east coast. Lori is a lifelong learner and enjoys gardening, hiking, traveling, visiting museums, attending live performances, and listening to audiobooks. For her final career, Lori became proficient in QuickBooks Online and continuously studies accounting for non-profits. She is excited to work as the Finance Manager at TSCOR, which she began in July, 2022.

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