Older adults active and engaged through volunteer service and lifelong learning.

TSCOR’s Table

If The Shepherd’s Center Of Richmond had a table big enough to gather all of its volunteers, students, members, donors, board members, committee members and staff together for Thanksgiving, well, that would be a pretty big table. But the moment…

“I’ve had great experiences driving our clients to their appointments. It’s fun to meet new people and learning about their lives is fascinating and eye opening. Everyone has a story to tell. I’m enjoying volunteering immensely.”

“I can’t thank you enough for all the wonderful drivers you have and for your service. It all means so much to me.”

“Open University is a place where a student can expand their knowledge in a myriad of subjects. No textbooks needed, no homework required. You can take one class for the whole session or choose a different lecture each week. I’m enjoying what I’ve I learned.”