Ruth Blevins Celebrates Her 100th Birthday!

You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone as warm, delightful, or funny as Ruth Blevins.  Ruth has been an Open University student for far longer than I’ve been at the Shepherd’s Center, and that’s almost a decade.  Ruth has also enjoyed traveling with the Center.  A few years ago, Ruth was concerned that she would no longer be able to drive to the OU, but her daughter stepped in and began bringing her mother.

Ruth won’t let a few extra years stop her from enjoying the Open University and her friends there.  In fact, she just celebrated her 100th birthday!

Rosie Whitehorne and Carol Harris arranged a surprise for Ruth at the First Presbyterian OU.  There was a cake, balloons, and a bouquet of flowers.  When Ruth got out of the elevator, there was a gathering of well-wishers who sang happy birthday to her as she saw the cake.

Happy birthday, Ruth!



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  1. Ruth, Bless you on the celebration of your 100th birthday ! The world is a better place for having you in it !


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