Change of Speaker at St. Luke February 9th

Dr. Charles O’Neal, retired biophysicist of MCV/VCU, has graciously agreed to present his popular illustrated talk on “Family Values:  The Mitfords, Curzons, Lady Astor, and the Von Harnacks on the Attraction of Fascism and Communism in the 1930’s”  for the Open University on Feb. 9 at 12:30 at St. Luke Lutheran Church.  He replaces Dr. Tom Morris who was to speak on “The Continuing Efforts to Reform the American Educational System.”

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  1. Julie, I took my name off the email list because there were soooo many emails concerning the classes which I am not involved in.  I drive and will need info about the clients, but that is all done by phone.  ThanksMartha Thaler


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