OU Schedule Changes

Change of Speaker for Thursday, January 26

The announced speaker (Constance Whitney) for the Open University of the Shepherd’s Center of Richmond has had a family emergency and will not speak on Jan. 26 at First Presbyterian Church.   We are so honored to have in her place Nancy Wright Beasley, the acclaimed author of Izzy’s Fire: Finding Humanity in the Holocaust.  Ms Beasley will speak to us at 12:30 at First Presbyterian and will have a book signing following.   (Cash, checks, or IOU’s will be accepted.) Izzy’s Fire was nominated for a People’s Choice Award by the Virginia State Library and the James River Writers .   The son of  Izzy, the title hero, is Jay Ipson, who founded Richmond’s Holocaust Museum.    She will also have on hand for purchase and signing two other books she has written:  The Little Lion:  A Hero in the Holocaust and Reflections of a Purple Zebra:  Essays of a Different Stripe. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear Nancy Beasley.   Come and bring your friends.

Change of Instructor

Dr. Reingard Nethersole will be continuing Barbara Felton’s course on American writers in Paris starting Thursday, January 26 at 9:45 a.m.

Reingard was born in Germany, studied in the UK, where she met her husband, and followed him to South Africa. She received a Ph.D. there and taught English literature for many years at a South African University. When her husband, an engineer, was transferred by his company to the U.S., she followed and has taught part-time at the University of Richmond since (and where she presently is teaching two courses). We are very lucky to have her and appreciate her fitting the OU into her busy schedule.


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