The Fall Open University (OU) Schedule Available Now

Good Summer to Everyone!

Are you ready to get those sun soaked minds working again? Then click here to see the 2017 Fall OU Course Schedule.  It is a wonderful line up filled with an array of topics that I am sure will please all.  We are very excited for the new school year.

Word of mouth is a powerful thing.  Please use it to help us spread the word about The Shepherd’s Center to your friends, family, and neighbors. Invite them to join you for the day.  Guests can attend one day of classes free to see what they think.  And remember, members ($25 annually) can attend lunch speakers free as a benefit of their membership.

NOTE:  Our new online registration feature will be available August 18th, one month before the fall OU session.  And as always, you can either mail your check and registration form to the office or wait until the first day of classes to register on site, where we will also be accepting credit card payments.



  1. Thank you! Looks great! Won’t be able to attend this fall as I have valve replacement surgery coming up, but will look forward to perhaps starting in this winter!

    Kim Motsek


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