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Hello Everyone!

I attended the Shepherd’s Center National Regional meeting yesterday in Northern Virginia.  Did you know that we were a part of a national network of Shepherd’s Centers?  I have realized that this is something we need to talk about more!  We are one of 56 Shepherd’s Centers in the United States.  Yesterday, the Centers in Virginia and West Virginia made up the attendance.  It was a wonderful time of “answering burning questions,” sharing best practices and offering support.  To find out more about our national network, go to the Shepherd’s Centers of America website. Take care – Julie


  1. Hey Charley! I was taking the picture – that’s why you don’t see me.

    I think there was a time when SCA was considering their role in the network which led us to look seriously at our affiliation, but it was decided that we would stay. That was a good decision. There is a great relationship being built within our network these days, led by SCA, and there have been nothing but good things happening because of this. I feel very supported not only by SCA, but all the Shepherd’s Centers, and that is wonderful! Hugs back at ya – Julie


  2. Thanks, you must have been on the back row. Also, I thought at one time not too many yrs. ago that we decided not to be a member ? HUG



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