Spring 2018 Gray Matters Newsletter Available Online

Good morning everyone!

To read Gray Matters online now CLICK HERE.  The print version should be arriving in your mail boxes this week.  In the meantime, take a look online.

If you would like to receive your Gray Matters and Schedule via email (like you are right now!), please let us know in the office.  If you do, it will not only save us a bit of money, but it will also save a few trees.  Thanks – Julie


  1. I would be happy to receive the newsletter online, but would prefer the class schedule in the mail, as I receive it now. Sally Quigley

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    1. Sally – You bring up an interesting topic that we have been thinking about: splitting the mailing up and sending the schedule and newsletter separately. Presently they are combined at the printers and mailed together. For now, we will keep sending them to you together until we decide otherwise.

      What does everyone think about separating the two and perhaps making a hard copy of the newsletter a benefit of membership? Let me know – Julie


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