The Shepherd’s Center of Richmond Begins New Membership Year

Friends of TSCOR,                                                                   July 1, 2020

I hope everyone is doing well during this unprecedented time in our nation’s history. With everything we are seeing in the world today, TSCOR, more than ever, wants to demonstrate its commitment to older adults in our community. Creating and maintaining programs and services that offer lifestyle enrichment to our members is our top priority and we hope you will join us.

Membership runs from July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021. Becoming a member means you contribute to the continuation of a wonderful organization that supports the well-being of older adults. During this pandemic, organizational survival has become paramount. There are countless small businesses and non-profits in jeopardy. TSCOR has been lucky so far and believes that we will come out okay on the other side, but that will be easier with you as a supporting member.

Membership is only $25.00 – I bet you saved that much in gas these past four months!  And there are benefits too, but the most important one is your belief in the benefits TSCOR brings to older adults. Your support is especially important now, so please renew, or begin, your membership today.

Annual Membership Is Only $25

Benefits of membership:

  • Free admittance to all Open University lunch speakers
  • Reduced Open University tuition
  • Reduced travel rates on TSCOR trips
  • Receive the TSCOR newsletter, Gray Matters
  • Invitation to the Annual Volunteer Celebration

What You Give:

  • Support to our service programs: we provide seniors with free rides to medical appointments and grocery stores, as well as Handyman help and Friendly Callers
  • Support to our lifelong learning programs Open University and Lunch & Life

What You Do:

  • Improve and enrich the lives of older adults by supporting TSCOR’S mission: Encouraging older adults to remain active and independent through enrichment programs and volunteer service to their peers.

We use this time of year to encourage membership so that in the fall, when the Open University begins, everyone will be ready to enjoy its benefits. You are more than welcome to wait and include your membership with your tuition payment if you prefer. You can pay online here. And finally, I encourage everyone to subscribe to our website to receive the course schedule via email in August, as well as information you’ll want to know throughout the year.

Thank you,

Julie Adams-Buchanan, Executive Director


  1. Oh, how I missed Spring Open University! Still, I did recall the beginning of the new year of membership, and I was on top of it! Glad to support The Shepherd’s Center of Richmond.


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