Look Forward to Fall: Lifelong Learning with The Shepherd’s Center of Richmond

The official start date of autumn is a couple weeks away, but with Labor Day behind us, our attention turns to fall activities we love. What better activities to look forward to than the lifelong learning programs of TSCOR?

Open University is entirely online via Zoom this fall. Sign up for great classes and a chance to virtually wave at your fellow students and favorite teachers. Wednesday’s Lunch & Life – always free, open to the public, and normally presented in partnership with St. Mary Catholic Church – has also moved online for the fall 2020 session.

While “spring forward, fall back,” works wonderfully as a clock-setting mnemonic, it does not necessarily apply to life. Don’t fall back and look behind to what was missed; look forward to fall with TSCOR! Register today! And share this info with friends and family – let’s look forward to fall together.

See the fall 2020 Open University schedule here.

Register for Open University here.

Lunch & Life: If you are a member of TSCOR, or have registered for Open University, you do not need to register separately for Lunch & Life as these Zoom links will be sent to you automatically. If you are not a member or a student and are only interested in signing up for the free, Wednesday Lunch & Life lecture series, you do need to register.

Register for Lunch & Life here.

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