OU Lunch Speaker Works to “Connect Us All”

Last fall, Ted Elmore, president of BridgePark Foundation, came to Open University and gave a Lunch Speaker presentation, Reimagining Richmond: Parks as Bridges, where he talked with us about BridgePark, an exciting project happening here in the RVA community.

For a quick refresher, BridgePark proposes repurposing portions of the Manchester Bridge (9th Street) into a park with active green spaces, tree-lined walking paths, and a bicycle superhighway. The project will tie many east-west urban initiatives together via interconnected parks, event spaces and public art opportunities along an important north-south spine and seek to prompt further complementary development and connectivity beyond the boundaries of the project. At its widest-scale, BridgePark aims to reconnect communities that were separated from the city’s center by a series of mid-century infrastructure projects.

Doesn’t that sound wonderful? But wait! This only gets better! Since you are an “in-the-know” OU student as well as a senior in the RVA community, you are uniquely qualified to share your knowledge and give input on this exciting project! Ted Elmore’s team is conducting a study of how BridgePark might best serve seniors. If you are interested in helping, please drop him an email at ted@bridgeparkrva.com. To learn more about the project visit BridgeParkRVA.

“BridgePark. A Park That Spans a River. A Bridge That Connects Us All.”

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