Voted? Stressed Out? Relax with the TSCOR Newsletter!

Whoever thought a Tuesday could be so stressful?

At this point, you’ve likely already voted and maybe you’re thinking, “there’s nothing left to do now except fret, hope, and wait – how on earth will I get through the rest of the day?!”

Well, please stop pacing the floor, turn off the news coverage for just a bit (or at least mute it), and do something fun, relaxing and inspirational instead.

“What on earth could that be?! Is that even possible right now?!”

Why, yes! Yes, it is! You can read the hot-off-the-press Shepherd’s Center of Richmond newsletter Gray Matters, and feel better right away!!! See what TSCOR’s been up to (whole lotta Zoomin’ goin’ on!), find out how students, teachers and volunteers are staying busy, and feel inspired with news to lift your spirits and keep you looking forward to, well, Wednesday.

And if tomorrow is another hard day, you can always re-read the newsletter!


  1. Yes, a reliable newsletter in chaotic times! Thanks for providing another vehicle for our attention on this historic day. We need a break from the national news. I like the idea of getting caught up on TSCOR happenings!

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