TSCOR Bids Adieu to Lifelong Learning Coordinator

We are sad to report that Erin Reibel, Lifelong Learning Coordinator for The Shepherd’s Center of Richmond, will be leaving us on Friday, Jan. 15 to accept a position with Union Presbyterian Seminary, where she will be leading innovation hubs for children’s spirituality research.

Erin would like all of you to know that she truly enjoyed her time working with everyone at TSCOR. And we would like Erin to know how much we value her contributions to Open University and Lunch & Life – especially during the pandemic. Our ability to continue these programs online is due in large part to her expertise, patience and perseverance.

Congratulations to Erin on her exciting new opportunity! We wish her all the best.


  1. Erin, we will miss you! You have gone above and beyond to bring us, much-needed classes, during this difficult period. I am sure you will be a great asset to the Seminary. Thank you, Erin!


  2. Erin,
    Your calm and accepting manner as well as your expertise has made the learning experience through TSCOR such an enjoyable experience. Blessings as you begin your new position . You shall be missed!


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