TSCOR Puts Volunteers on Pedestal

It’s not always the best idea to put someone on a pedestal, but this is National Volunteer Week so we’re asking our volunteers to take a turn of recognition and climb up there for a moment. (Don’t worry, they’re a humble bunch. They’ll get right back down.)

You already know The Shepherd’s Center of Richmond is made by, for and about older adults. What you might not know is the incredible amount of plain, old-fashioned, nuts and bolts, behind-the-scenes, hard work that volunteers do – making TSCOR one happening place! Just take a look at what our volunteers have accomplished in yet another pandemic year and it’s easy to see.

The Client Services committee works with drivers to get clients to medical appointments and supply groceries to those who can’t get out. The Education committee planned three successful Open University sessions for everyone to enjoy. OU teachers and speakers reach students via Zoom, making the world seem a bigger place. The Annual Volunteer Celebration committee assembled everyone for a wonderful party, and the Travel committee expanded our horizons by getting us out of the house. All of this is possible because the Covid task force guides us safely through our activities. And did we mention the board of directors keeps us on track with our goals of moving forward. See? That’s a lot of hard-working volunteers!

If you’re involved with TSCOR in any way, you can thank a volunteer for keeping you active, independent and engaged. (Hey, look at that! Volunteers uphold our mission, too! They’re an impressive group, aren’t they?) Simply put, without volunteers, The Shepherd’s Center of Richmond wouldn’t exist as we know it today. And wow, are we proud to have them.

Okay, volunteers. It’s time. Get up on those pedestals and take a bow.


  1. I really appreciate all Julie, John, and Sabine have done and still do to keep the Russian language classes going. Since the pandemic hit, my language studies have been more important and fulfilling than ever. Спасиьо!

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