The Shepherd’s Center of Richmond Receives Award

On Thursday, October 6, 2022, Senior Connections concluded their annual Empty Plate Campaign and held the accompanying luncheon, where The Shepherd’s Center of Richmond was given the Eva Teig Hardy Award for Business Service. This award recognizes the impact of an individual, business, or organization in providing services that help improve the wellbeing of older adults. The nomination for this award was made by Ms. Dorothy Manuel; she has been a beloved transportation client of TSCOR’s since 2009.

Following remarks made by Stephanie Churchill, TSCOR board president, Bernie Henderson, TSCOR past-president, presented the award to Julie Adams-Buchanan, TSCOR executive director. Also in attendance were several TSCOR board and committee members, family members of Ms. Adams-Buchanan, and Ms. Manuel – who was thoroughly delighted to have made this happen!

Many thanks to Senior Connections for this wonderful luncheon and award. TSCOR is honored to be recognized by the community as we uphold our mission to keep older adults active, independent and engaged.


  1. Hurrah for The Shepherd’s Center of Richmond and for Julie Adams Buchanan! Executive Director Julie is a committed director. For years she’s stretched herself and her staff to meet challenge after challenge to keep TSCOR operating.

    Julie has filled in on every job in the organization as staff vacancies rocked the boat. She’s committed to the Driver Program, and she’s been pulled into the weeds of the Open University lifelong learning program as it adapts for the future.

    Congratulations to Julie, her staff, the TSCOR Board led by Stephanie Churchill, and the organization’s donors, members, volunteers, and clients!


  2. A well-deserved award! I’m so appreciative of the Senior Connections sessions where we play games, have speakers, and are provided Def a nutritious meal and fellowship. Thank you.


  3. I’ve sent 3 replies, but I’m not sure any of them has gotten to you. So here comes No.4

    I am so proud of all of you who worked so hard to achieve this. It is important work that is being done and now there is some recognition for it. Congratulations!!!!

    Jeannette Glasheen ________________________________


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