National Volunteer Week – Friday

“What a great feeling it is to know that I have helped someone in need. I feel happy, fulfilled, even energized.” – Miles

“Volunteering is a great way to make my week a little better.” – Ken 

“I love volunteering. The people I drive are so lovely and they appreciate me so much that I just want to do more for each of them.” – Ginny

“When I retired I knew I wanted to give back by being of service to others. Meeting new folks and making new friends is all part of the reward I get from volunteering.”  – Manny

Today concludes our celebration of National Volunteer Week and we’ve saved the best for last. Today’s quotes come from none other than the volunteers of The Shepherd’s Center of Richmond (TSCOR).

Each and every volunteer plays a huge role in making TSCOR the living, breathing, organization it is. We’d like to recognize all of you individually. The best way we can do that here is to share with you the TSCOR Annual Report (2021-2022). Volunteers are listed on pages 11 and 12. Everyone of you deserves your name up in lights! Thank you!

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