Thank you for your support during The Amazing Raise

amazingraise-1406833799_8063-amazing-raise-high-res-logo-signWell…I think we are getting better at this Amazing Raise thing every year!! All of you who participated this year get an “A+” for effort.  I am incredibly proud of how you all have stepped up to give this thing a real try.  We surpassed our total unique gifts from last year almost two-fold – from last year’s 46 unique gifts to this year’s 72!!

The main thing we have learned about The Amazing Raise is that it’s not about the amount raised but about how many individual donors you get giving you at least $50. Getting those unique gifts at certain times throughout the 36-hours can really pay off.  We will try to arrange a more organized attack strategy for next year.  If anyone would like to help with that, let’s get together early next summer and make a plan.

Again, a big THANKS to all of you who took part in the craziness and for supporting The Shepherd’s Center of Richmond. We can’t do it without you!   – Julie

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