The Amazing Raise starts 6 am Wednesday!

September 16 & 17
September 16 & 17

Once again, it is time for the Amazing Raise, the 36-hour online giving challenge hosted by GiveRichmond. It is designed to encourage people far and wide to support their favorite causes and organizations right here in Richmond and we want you to support The Shepherd’s Center of Richmond.  The key to our success is getting those $50 unique gifts.

A unique gift is a donation of at least $50 made by one individual. For example, if Mr. Smith donates $100 on one credit card for both him and his wife, it only counts as one unique gift. But, if Mr. Smith donates $50 on his credit card and then Mrs. Smith donates $50 on her credit card, it counts as two unique gifts. And those gifts would only count once. If Mr. or Mrs. Smith donate again during the Amazing Raise, their donations would not be counted as additional unique gifts. Essentially, it is one donation per person.

These individual, unique gifts count towards special incentive grant prizes that organizations can win throughout the 36 hours.  Maybe you can help with the two below:

50/50 Early Bird Challenge

6 am, Wednesday, September 16 15 total winners @ $2,500 each Sponsored by The Community Foundation.

  • The first 15 organizations to receive 50 unique gifts of $50 or more will receive a grant prize of $2,500. Please be reminded that only one gift per donor, per organization will be counted towards the prize.

“Second Chance” Early Bird Challenge

8 am, Thursday, September 17 10 total winners @ $1,500 each Sponsored by The Community Foundation.

  • Beginning at 8 am, September 17th (the second day of the Amazing Raise), the first 10 organizations to receive 25 unique gifts of $50 or more will receive a grant prize of $1,500.

The entire list of prizes can be seen at Amazing Raise Prizes.

Tomorrow we will send you the direct link to our donation page.  If you have any questions at all, call the office and ask for Julie.  Thank you!!



Fall Gray Matters Available Online

Hello Everyone!

Our Fall 2015 edition of Gray Matters is available on our website.  You can get there with the following link:

Gray Matters Fall 2015

If you have trouble with the above link, please try using Google Chrome as your internet search engine.  On some computers, Internet Explorer seems to have issues.  But when you use Google Chrome, it opens right up!  The following link will take you to the download page: Google Chrome Download

Thanks so much!

Thank you for your support during The Amazing Raise

amazingraise-1406833799_8063-amazing-raise-high-res-logo-signWell…I think we are getting better at this Amazing Raise thing every year!! All of you who participated this year get an “A+” for effort.  I am incredibly proud of how you all have stepped up to give this thing a real try.  We surpassed our total unique gifts from last year almost two-fold – from last year’s 46 unique gifts to this year’s 72!!

The main thing we have learned about The Amazing Raise is that it’s not about the amount raised but about how many individual donors you get giving you at least $50. Getting those unique gifts at certain times throughout the 36-hours can really pay off.  We will try to arrange a more organized attack strategy for next year.  If anyone would like to help with that, let’s get together early next summer and make a plan.

Again, a big THANKS to all of you who took part in the craziness and for supporting The Shepherd’s Center of Richmond. We can’t do it without you!   – Julie

The Amazing Raise Direct Link to TSCOR

amazingraise-1406833799_8063-amazing-raise-high-res-logo-signClick the link below to go directly to The Shepherd’s Center of Richmond’s donation page for The Amazing Raise!  ( From 6am, September 17 until 6pm September 18)

Thanks for participating and supporting The Shepherd’s Center of Richmond!!  We couldn’t do it without YOU!!

It Starts Tomorrow!!!!

Tomorrow is the day! Everybody ready for The Amazing Raise!?  I will be posting one last time later today with the link to our donation page, but I wanted to remind you that if you could make your donation at 6am tomorrow, we may have a chance to win that Early Bird Prize.  I will be up making a donation for me and a friend and I know my sister is rallying her family too.  See who you can rally to donate early!

One note – There is a small service charge on donations made during The Amazing Raise (estimated at 6.5%).  So, if you would care to only make part of your total annual donation during The Amazing Raise, please do so, but make it at least $50.

I want to thank all of you in advance – Let’s have a great Amazing Raise this year! – Julie