The Amazing Raise starts 6 am Wednesday!

September 16 & 17
September 16 & 17

Once again, it is time for the Amazing Raise, the 36-hour online giving challenge hosted by GiveRichmond. It is designed to encourage people far and wide to support their favorite causes and organizations right here in Richmond and we want you to support The Shepherd’s Center of Richmond.  The key to our success is getting those $50 unique gifts.

A unique gift is a donation of at least $50 made by one individual. For example, if Mr. Smith donates $100 on one credit card for both him and his wife, it only counts as one unique gift. But, if Mr. Smith donates $50 on his credit card and then Mrs. Smith donates $50 on her credit card, it counts as two unique gifts. And those gifts would only count once. If Mr. or Mrs. Smith donate again during the Amazing Raise, their donations would not be counted as additional unique gifts. Essentially, it is one donation per person.

These individual, unique gifts count towards special incentive grant prizes that organizations can win throughout the 36 hours.  Maybe you can help with the two below:

50/50 Early Bird Challenge

6 am, Wednesday, September 16 15 total winners @ $2,500 each Sponsored by The Community Foundation.

  • The first 15 organizations to receive 50 unique gifts of $50 or more will receive a grant prize of $2,500. Please be reminded that only one gift per donor, per organization will be counted towards the prize.

“Second Chance” Early Bird Challenge

8 am, Thursday, September 17 10 total winners @ $1,500 each Sponsored by The Community Foundation.

  • Beginning at 8 am, September 17th (the second day of the Amazing Raise), the first 10 organizations to receive 25 unique gifts of $50 or more will receive a grant prize of $1,500.

The entire list of prizes can be seen at Amazing Raise Prizes.

Tomorrow we will send you the direct link to our donation page.  If you have any questions at all, call the office and ask for Julie.  Thank you!!



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  1. Come on, all you “Good Shepherds” — let’s set our clocks for the 16th or 17th — or maybe both! — & make a gift to TSCOR and give us a chance at that extra prize! If you’re not an early bird, do just get that gift included! Betty Ann Dillon, TSCOR Development Chair

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