Date and Speaker Switch at St. Mary

Two of the Shepherd’s Center’s most popular speakers are Bill Lohmann, columnist for the Richmond Times-Dispatch, and Ed Slipek, architectural historian and senior contributing editor of Style Weekly .  Because of a family emergency on Wednesday, March 29th, Lohmann will be unable to speak on his assigned date.  Ed Slipek, who was scheduled for April 5th at St, Mary, has agreed to switch his date with that of Bill Lohmann.  We are pleased that we will keep both men on the schedule, although in a different order!  Here, then, is the new schedule:

Wednesday, March 29:  Ed Slipek on “Richmond Architectural Gems”

Wednesday, April 5:  Bill Lohmann on “On the Road Again:  More People, Places and Pie Around Virginia”.  Lohmann will bring copies of his books to sell and to sign.

The other two great speakers in the Lunch and Life series:  Curtis Monk, president and CEO of Commonwealth Public Broadcasting, and Craig Reynolds, director of the Branch Museum of Architecture and Design, keep their original dates of April 12 and April 26, respectively.

All the excitement takes place at St. Mary Catholic Church, 9505 Gayton Road.  Bring a bag lunch at noon.  The church will provide beverages and desserts  The talks begin at 12:30.

PS – Spring Session begins TODAY!  Hope to see everyone – Julie

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