Active Aging Week

This week is Active Aging Week and that’s exactly what we do at The Shepherd’s Center – Age Actively!  Why don’t you join us and Check Out the OU!  The Shepherd’s Center of Richmond offers one of the best lifelong learning opportunities in town – Open University (OU).  Attend a day of classes as our guest to discover if the OU is for you!

There are two opportunities this week:

  • Monday, September 25th from 9:45 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., at St. Luke Lutheran Church, 7757 Chippenham Parkway.
  • Thursday, September 28th from 9:45 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., at First Presbyterian Church, 4602 Cary Street Road.

Click HERE to see the fall schedule. We look forward to seeing you at the OU!

Pssst! – Already a student?  This would be a great opportunity for you to bring a friend or neighbor with you (big grin) – Julie

A Tiny OU Schedule Change

The Shepherd’s Center looks forward to welcoming to St. Luke on Monday, the 27th, Professor Evie Terrono, professor of art history at Randolph-Macon College.  Her very timely topic is “Mansions and Monuments and Southern Identity in Richmond.”

Because of a conflict beyond her control, Prof. Terrono will begin her talk at 12:45, instead of our accustomed 12:30.  That’s a little extra time to learn more about the Shepherd’s Center and to get to know one another (and maybe even have a second piece of cake!)  See you then.  Bring a friend!

Lunch and Life Update

Father Michael Renninger, pastor of St. Mary Catholic Church, will speak tomorrow, September 20th, on Angels, Saints…and Old Blue Eyes!-Spiritual Themes in Popular Lyrics.  Normally, our presentations are on the lower level of St. Mary, but for Father Renninger, we will be on the upper level of the church in the commons area outside the sanctuary.  Use the main entrance on the Gayton Road side of the building.  Bring a sandwich – the church will provide drinks and additional refreshments.  Doors open at noon and the talk will begin at 12:30 pm.  If you have any questions, please call TSCOR at 355-7282.  Thanks – Julie

Ready for a New School Year?!

School days, school days; Dear old Golden Rule days!

Open University begins Monday, September 18.  If you haven’t seen the course schedule, CLICK HERE .  We are looking forward to a great session and a wonderful year of learning together.  Tell your family, friends and neighbors.  Hope to see you there – Julie

Date and Speaker Switch at St. Mary

Two of the Shepherd’s Center’s most popular speakers are Bill Lohmann, columnist for the Richmond Times-Dispatch, and Ed Slipek, architectural historian and senior contributing editor of Style Weekly .  Because of a family emergency on Wednesday, March 29th, Lohmann will be unable to speak on his assigned date.  Ed Slipek, who was scheduled for April 5th at St, Mary, has agreed to switch his date with that of Bill Lohmann.  We are pleased that we will keep both men on the schedule, although in a different order!  Here, then, is the new schedule:

Wednesday, March 29:  Ed Slipek on “Richmond Architectural Gems”

Wednesday, April 5:  Bill Lohmann on “On the Road Again:  More People, Places and Pie Around Virginia”.  Lohmann will bring copies of his books to sell and to sign.

The other two great speakers in the Lunch and Life series:  Curtis Monk, president and CEO of Commonwealth Public Broadcasting, and Craig Reynolds, director of the Branch Museum of Architecture and Design, keep their original dates of April 12 and April 26, respectively.

All the excitement takes place at St. Mary Catholic Church, 9505 Gayton Road.  Bring a bag lunch at noon.  The church will provide beverages and desserts  The talks begin at 12:30.

PS – Spring Session begins TODAY!  Hope to see everyone – Julie

Monday’s Open University Canceled

We are sorry to announce that the Open University at St. Luke’s Lutheran is canceled due to inclement weather.  There is a strong potential for hazardous travel conditions all morning and possibly throughout the afternoon and the safety of our students, faculty and staff is most important.

Stay safe and warm and we hope to see you at Thursday’s Open University at First Presbyterian – JulieSad-lamb

Monday Open University Update

Good Day Everyone!

There is the possibility of inclement weather on Monday, February 15.  Monday is also Presidents’ Day and the city schools are closed, so we do not have their decision to determine whether we are closed.  So this is our inclement weather plan for Monday:

We are keeping our eye on the forecast and will make a decision Sunday evening.  This decision will be posted on our website.  If we are closed, it will also appear on the scroll of the local television stations.

Stay warm over the next couple of days and check on your older neighbors!  -Julie

OK – One last time – Dr. Bryan’s correct dates

So sorry – This is the truly correct correction!

Dr. Bryan will speak at St. Luke Lutheran on Monday, Feb. 1;  at St. Mary Catholic on Wednesday, Feb. 3 and at First Presbyterian on Thursday, Feb. 11–all at 12:30.  Benjamin Ross, church historian of Sixth Mt. Zion Baptist Church, will be our speaker on Feb 4th.

(Note to self – Don’t make corrections before you finish your first cup of tea! – The E.D.)

Have a wonderful day and enjoy the warmer weather while it’s here!

Open University WILL happen Thursday!

Baaaaaa lambIt’s time to get out of the house!  Open University will meet as scheduled, Thursday, January 28, at First Presbyterian Church. When Richmond City Schools have a delayed opening, we meet as we normally do.  Classes are 9:45, 11:00, 12:15 and 1:30.

We also have a change of lunch speakers at 12:30. Elizabeth Seydel Morgan, prize-winning poet and author of Spans, will be unable to speak at First Presbyterian Church on Thursday, Jan. 28.  She will be rescheduled for the fall.  In her place is Paul Sacra, whose topic is “”The Battle of Cedar Mountain:  Stonewall Jackson’s Last Fight as an Independent Commander.”

We hope to see everyone who can make it safely!