TSCOR Women’s Group Update

We had the initial planning meeting of the women’s group on May 17 where it was pointed out that this group could be anything that its members wanted it to be. That is an exciting prospect, don’t you think?

The attendees decided that this group would be freeform, with no one leader and could evolve over time. A few guidelines were established.  To begin, the group will come up with a short list of topics to assign to each meeting.  At the meeting, everyone will have a bit of time to share what she thinks about the subject and then there will be group discussion. Meeting frequency is undecided, but there is another planning meeting scheduled where that, and other particulars, will be discussed.  Hope you can join us!  Please let Julie know if you are interested at jadams@TSCOR.org or 804-355-7282.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, August 16 at 2:30 pm

Location: The Shepherd’s Center Office, 3111 Northside Ave., Suite 400, Richmond, 23228


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