Are you a Superager?

What will you be like in your 80s? Living independently, robust in body and mind, with a wide social circle?  Manage that and you will be a “Superager.”  BBC News aired a very interesting story on this subject over the weekend – see it HERE

Another term I saw on an admission sign, when I was in Scotland a few years ago, was “Super Adult.” I love these terms coming from across the pond.  They remind me of the people involved in The Shepherd’s Center.  I am always saying how our volunteers, students and members astound me with how active and engaged they are.  Many could run circles around me!

I hope that you will make a New Year’s resolution to get involved with our organization by attending the Open University (starting January 15), volunteering in a variety of capacities, or supporting us by becoming a member (only $25 a year!). If you are already involved – Yay!  Please help us by telling everyone you know in Richmond about TSCOR and invite them to give us a try.  Your personal endorsements do more than any kind of advertisement – talk us up!  Thank you so much, and here’s to all you “Super Adults” and “Superagers!!”  – Julie


  1. Julie,

    Great article! Thank you so much. Merry Christmas! And thank you for the work you do.

    Bill PS. I’ll be 80 in Feb.

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