National Volunteer Week – Wednesday

Raise your hand if you love Open University.

That’s a lot of hands! Part of the mission of the Shepherd’s Center of Richmond is “encouraging older adults to remain active and independent through enrichment programs.” This part of the mission is upheld through many, many (many) hours of planning, coordination, scheduling, instruction and dedication by volunteers who make the Open University come to life.

Let’s look at some fun facts. Last fiscal year, 130 instructors taught 270 students and provided 49 presentations, 29 courses and 60 lunch speakers.* And don’t forget those on the sidelines as well as behind-the-scenes; from the moment you walk in the door with a greeting from a helpful front-desk volunteer, to the “my-wasn’t-that-visual-presentation-well-done,” to the piece of cake you sit down to at lunch, every minute is made possible by volunteers. Now, who feels enriched? Raise your hand.

TSCOR volunteers make a difference. Thank you for the contributions of your time, heart, and skill.

definition of volunteer

*For more info, see TSCOR’s Annual Report here.


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