National Volunteer Week – Thursday

Everyone knows it takes a village to…raise a nonprofit? Well, that’s a variation on a theme, but the sentiment holds true. If you prefer a horse of a different color you could just as easily say, “All hands on deck” or, “There is no I in team.” It all means the same thing: everyone takes part in the work before them. In this matter, board and committee volunteers of the Shepherd’s Center of Richmond are no different, but they are exceptional.

Facts are our friends, so let’s visit them often: 18 board members and 50 committee members, working across 11 committees, carrying out the mission of TSCOR.*  Those committees are: Board Governance, Client Services, Development, Diversity, Education, Executive, Finance, Investment, Hospitality, Public Relations and Travel (don’t forget Travel – what other committee gets you to Broadway and the White House?). This is our village and our volunteers raised this nonprofit well.

TSCOR volunteers make a difference. Thank you for the contributions of your time, heart, and skill.

rise and lift others

*For more info, see TSCOR’s Annual Report here.

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