National Volunteer Week-Friday

Today is the last post in honor of National Volunteer Week, but it is not the last day we celebrate the Shepherd’s Center of Richmond volunteers.

We have one very important fact left to visit: there are 245 TSCOR volunteers.* That’s 245 people contributing 245 diverse skill sets, 245 passions and interests, 245 pairs of busy hands, and 245 good hearts, all with 245 different reasons why they choose to volunteer. Two hundred and forty-five outstanding volunteers – that’s something to celebrate every day. And everyone on the receiving end of these gifts, the time these volunteers give, from clients and students, to travelers, members and donors, knows this to be true.

TSCOR volunteers make a difference. Thank you for the contributions of your time, heart, and skill. Happy National Volunteer Week!!!

lucy volunteers

*For more info, see TSCOR’s Annual Report here.


    1. Your welcome, Mr. Lecky! I’m very glad to hear they brightened your day. You brightened the day too – by volunteering!


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