Tuesday’s Volunteer is Full of Grace

When TSCOR temporarily suspended client transportation services due to the pandemic, drives were replaced with friendly calls. These calls kept clients in touch with TSCOR and gave drivers a new way to volunteer. Here’s one of these “grace-full” connections:

Volunteer, Beth, says, “My first friendly call was to Libby, whom I have never met. We talked for half an hour. She was most appreciative of the call. And what an amazing lady! She’s 94 years old, lives independently in her own home and loves to garden. In fact, she had ordered plants from Strange’s, which were to be delivered in the next few days, and she would be planting by herself! I learned she has five children and I wish I could remember how many grandchildren. In fact, I figured out that I went to high school with one of her sons! Our conversation certainly put a smile on my face! And I can’t wait for our drives to resume, so I can actually meet her in person and take her to her next appointment!

Happy National Volunteer Week, TSCOR volunteers! You make a difference. Thank you.

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