Wednesday’s Volunteer is Well-Disposed

Well-disposed? Maybe that’s not a trending word, but it definitely applies to TSCOR volunteers in that they have “a positive, sympathetic, or friendly attitude toward someone or something.” And that “someone or something” is TSCOR’s mission and the community it serves.

The Shepherd’s Center of Richmond’s mission – older adults staying active and independent through lifelong learning and service – is brought to life by its volunteers. This past year, volunteers moved our lifelong learning programs online and organized over 100 classes, lectures and speakers (though feeling well-disposed towards Zoom is a horse of a different color), and provided nearly 600 service calls to their peers including rides to medical appointments, friendly calls and no-contact grocery delivery.

Our volunteers often say they get more out of it than what they put into it, but their efforts have a ripple effect. Students and clients benefit, too, as do their neighbors, friends and family. In short, volunteers benefit not only the individual but the community around them. That’s not just well-disposed, that’s exponentially well-disposed.

Happy National Volunteer Week, TSCOR volunteers! You make a difference. Thank you.

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