Thursday’s Volunteers Have Cars That Go

If the doctor telling you to “use it or lose it” doesn’t quite inspire you, then follow the lead of TSCOR’s volunteer drivers – though you’ll have to get in your car to do it – because they take that theory to a whole new level. Their theory is “move it or lose it!”

Part of TSCOR’s mission involves service to our peers and TSCOR drivers have it down. They had to adapt during the pandemic, but still they serve.

Driver, Daymond, says, “Grocery shopping for our clients has indeed had its challenges during the pandemic. In my case, I have been shopping for one of our clients who happens to be sight impaired. He is very appreciative of this service which gives him a chance to socialize and provide him with a sense of routine. I call him the day before I shop, and he dictates his grocery list. On the day I shop, we meet in the lobby of the building in which he lives. He gives me his shopper’s card and an EBT card, so no cash is exchanged. I shop solo per the Shepherd Center’s current protocols and return with the groceries to the lobby. Upon returning his cards and receipt, I use the hand sanitizer provided. I know he would like to accompany me on a shopping trip, but current protocols prevent that. Grocery shopping for this client has been successful, not just in providing the food he requests, but also in the friendship that it has created between the two of us. He always calls me later in the day to tell me that he has put everything away, thanks me for the shopping, and says how he appreciates the friendship. This leaves me with a good feeling and a sense of accomplishment, two ingredients of volunteerism.”

Now that, folks, is inspiration through motion. How do you like them apples, doctor?

Happy National Volunteer Week, TSCOR volunteers! You make a difference. Thank you.

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