Tune Into WRIC at 6 pm

Remember when I told you about the camera crews that were shooting interviews at St. Luke’s? Well, now one of those stories is about to be on TV!  Our own Constance Jones, OU German student and news anchor, interviewed another OU German student, Ken Horton, for a story celebrating the anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down.  It will air tonight, Monday, November 11 on WRIC Evening News (Channel 8, ABC) on the 6 pm broadcast.  Be sure that you tune in!

Constance Jones interviews Ken Horton

Is it a Blue Moon?

What happened today at the OU is more rare than “once in a blue moon.” We had TWO camera crews doing interviews this morning at St. Luke’s. We felt pretty popular! We had a great time with Amy Lacey and her crew from Virginia Currents and Constance Jones with her crew from WRIC News. Thank you so much for the interest and we look forward to seeing the end results.

And thank you to Gene, Susie, Hal and Ken, as well as the classroom participants, who were filmed! We will let everyone know when the stories will air. Until then, enjoy the photos!

Gene getting ready to talk with Amy
Ready to roll
Amy interviews Susie
Hal and Amy ready for filming
Constance interviews Ken
Ken and Constance posed for me. Did you know that Constance is an OU German student?

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Open University – Thursdays

Hello Thursday OU Students –

I met with the administrator at First Presbyterian last week to discuss the church’s revised Child & Youth protection policy which has prompted them to make some changes in their building.  Following is a summary of the changes to help you navigate the building.  The church will place signs indicating no access areas.

You will still enter through the same door adjacent to the parking lot, using the buzzer at the right of the door when locked.  On the first floor, the hallway along the Fellowship Hall will be open to the end, including the stairwell which can still be used. However, you will no longer be able to continue down the hallway to the right past this stairwell. 

The restrooms on the first floor will still be accessible, but there is no access beyond them.

On the second floor, when exiting the elevator, there is no longer access to the right down the hallway.  To get to the classrooms where OU meets, you will need to walk around the hallway to your left.  The second floor is a rectangle, so you can go all the way around. Another option, for those able to take the stairs, is to use the stairway at the end of the hallway by the Fellowship Hall. 

And finally, concerning the restrooms on the second floor, please do not use the ones across from Room 218, close to the elevators.  Those are for the preschool only.  There is another set of restrooms around the corner, on either side of Room 209, for OU students.

We will be available on site to help everyone navigate these changes.  I thank you for your understanding and look forward to another great year of lifelong learning together.  See you on the 26th – Julie

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Open University Begins Soon!

Have you missed the Open University this summer?? Well, you won’t have to wait much longer. Classes begin on Monday, September 23 and Thursday, September 26.

Since you might be eager for a lecture, I thought this would be a good time for you to watch a video about Dr. Elbert Cole who began the Shepherd’s Center Movement back in 1972. It’s a little, 10 minute, lecture where you will learn a bit more about our history. Some of the clips were taken from a 60 Minutes story that ran in the 70’s. Our model is a wonderful one that truly benefits those involved and I am very proud to be a part of it. Enjoy the video!

Elder Leadership Award Presented to Dr. Elbert Cole

Shop Amazon for TSCOR!

We just got a notice that through Nov 2nd (this Thursday!), AmazonSmile is donating 5% (ten times the usual amount) to The Shepherd’s Center of Richmond when you shop using TSCOR’s LINK. So click the link and shop away!!

Thanks for your support – Julie

PS – Please don’t forget the annual appeal letter that arrived in your mailbox a couple of weeks ago. Your gifts mean so much to so many!

OU Will Meet Monday (Columbus Day)

Columbus might be resting from his journey, but we aren’t!  Open University will meet Monday, October 8th (Columbus Day), as usual.

The lunch topic is Richmond’s Top Ten Best-in-the-Nation Art Things. We will see you there!

For the full schedule, Click HERE.

Updated 2018 Fall Schedule

Due to different computer software versions here in the office, the schedule that I posted yesterday cut out the Feldenkrais class.  This will not do because Feldenkrais is so popular and we will indeed offer it again this year!

The correct version is available by clicking HERE and all links have been updated on our website.  Sorry about that.

Thank you to those who let us know – Julie