Open University – Thursdays

Hello Thursday OU Students –

I met with the administrator at First Presbyterian last week to discuss the church’s revised Child & Youth protection policy which has prompted them to make some changes in their building.  Following is a summary of the changes to help you navigate the building.  The church will place signs indicating no access areas.

You will still enter through the same door adjacent to the parking lot, using the buzzer at the right of the door when locked.  On the first floor, the hallway along the Fellowship Hall will be open to the end, including the stairwell which can still be used. However, you will no longer be able to continue down the hallway to the right past this stairwell. 

The restrooms on the first floor will still be accessible, but there is no access beyond them.

On the second floor, when exiting the elevator, there is no longer access to the right down the hallway.  To get to the classrooms where OU meets, you will need to walk around the hallway to your left.  The second floor is a rectangle, so you can go all the way around. Another option, for those able to take the stairs, is to use the stairway at the end of the hallway by the Fellowship Hall. 

And finally, concerning the restrooms on the second floor, please do not use the ones across from Room 218, close to the elevators.  Those are for the preschool only.  There is another set of restrooms around the corner, on either side of Room 209, for OU students.

We will be available on site to help everyone navigate these changes.  I thank you for your understanding and look forward to another great year of lifelong learning together.  See you on the 26th – Julie

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Open University Presenter Changes on Mondays

There have been a few changes to the schedule on Mondays at St. Luke:

pj book The Lunch Speaker on Monday, October 3, at 12:30  at St. Luke Lutheran, will be Dr. David Mark Cooper, author of Mapping Your Adventure:  Discovering Integrity in a Life Review.  Dr. Cooper is a respected therapist and educator, who lives in Richmond.  He takes the place of Randy Fitzgerald, well-known columnist and humorist, who will be unable to speak because of illness.  Dr. Cooper will bring copies of his book, should his listeners wish to purchase it at the end of his talk.

 Ellis West will present The Constitution’s Ban on Religious Tests for Holding Public Office on October 17 and Andrew Crislip will conclude his presentation with The Lost Gospels II on October 24.  Both are at 11:00 a.m.

Shantaram Talegaonkar will present Seven Delhis: The Evolution of a City Over One Thousand Years on October 24 and Barbara Goehle will present The Amazing Victoria Falls on November 7.  Both are at 9:45.

 AND, because that is a mouthful, click here for a new first page for your schedule!


First Presbyterian-New Door Policy

pj bookFor those attending the Open University at First Presbyterian on Thursdays, the church has adjusted the times when the entry doors will be locked.   They will be unlocked from 9:15-10:15 a.m. and from 1:15-1:45 p.m.  If you arrive outside of those times, all you need to do is ring the “Call Bell” to be buzzed into the building.  This has to do with their preschool and security.  Thank you for your understanding – Julie

Are you ready for school!?

Get ready to expand your minds! 

pj bookOpen University starts next Monday, September 19th, at St. Luke Lutheran and the following Thursday, September 22nd, at First Presbyterian.  A whole host of courses, lectures and speakers to choose from for one low price.  Tell your friends and neighbors to join us – they don’t know what they are missing!

And don’t forget Lunch and Life at St. Mary Catholic beginning graduate-sheep-croppedWednesday, September 21st.  Free and open to the public.  Hope to see you there!

Click here for full Fall 2016 schedule

Boomer Magazine article now available online!

As promised, I am posting the online version of the Boomer article written by Constance Whitney, Finding My Strong Suit: A Lifelong Quest for Learning, which includes a very nice write-up of our Open University.

Speaking of the OU, our start date is September 19 and we are hoping to see everyone there!

Click here to read the article

The Open University Fall Schedule is Here!

pj bookBelow you will find the Open University Fall course schedule.  Invite a friend or neighbor to join you.  The OU is just too good to miss!

Open University Fall 2016 Schedule

Local CBS, Channel 6, Appearance

The Shepherd’s Center appeared with MEDARVA on Channel 6’s Virginia This Morning today.  We are partnering to bring an informative medical series to the Open University this spring.  If you missed it, you can hit the link below.  We hope to see you at the OU starting Monday, April 4th!happy spring lamb

  TSCOR & MEDARVA on Channel 6