Lecture on North Korea

Do the two words North Korea automatically make you nervous?  Do you need to know more about this enigmatic country?

David GompertCome at noon this Thursday, Nov. 9th, and hear “North Korea:  Dangerous End Game” at First Presbyterian Church, 4602 Cary St. Rd. (lecture begins at 12:30).  Our speaker is the Honorable David Gompert, senior fellow of the RAND Corporation and distinguished adjunct professor at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Gompert has served as acting director of National Intelligence and, as such, has provided strategic oversight of the U. S. intelligence community.  He has published extensively on international affairs, national security, and information technology.  We are honored to have Prof. Gompert as our final speaker of the Open University’s fall session. Come and bring your friends.  There is no charge for first timers.