Welcome to our new LLC

I know that many of you have met her, but we would like to officially welcome Erin Reibel, our Lifelong Learning Coordinator (LLC), to The Shepherd’s Center.

She will be at the Open University and Lunch and Life, as well as behind the scenes, helping us to offer Richmond’s lifelong learners one of the best programs in the area.

So, if you haven’t introduced yourself, please do!

Lunch and Life Cancelled Wednesday

Due to the impending snow, it is with much sadness that we announce that there will be no Lunch and Life program at St. Mary Catholic Church tomorrow, Wednesday, January 17th.  Forecasters say that it will start snowing overnight and continue for most of the day: “Richmond could see the snow stop as early as noon, but it may not clear out of the metro area entirely until 5 p.m.” (John Boyer, Richmond.com/weather).

The good news is that Randy and Barbara Fitzgerald will be giving their presentation, “Flights to Fancy” on Thursday, February 1 at First Presbyterian Church (4602 Cary Street Road).  Lunch begins at noon and their talk begins at 12:30 pm.  We hope you can join us then!

Take care and please stay safe – Julie