Two Timely Topics at the OU

Don’t miss Dr. George Munro’s lunch talk on “Vladimir Putin:  World’s Most Powerful Leader?” on Thursday, May 18, at our Open University site at First Presbyterian Church, 4602 Cary Street Road.  Dr. Munro is an award-winning professor of history at V.C. U. and travels frequently to Russia for research.

Then on Monday, May 22, at St. Luke Lutheran, 7757 Chippenham Parkway, Dr. Dan Palazzolo, award-winning professor of political science at the University of Richmond, will discuss “Governing in the New Congress.

Both talks begin at 12:30 and will last about 45 minutes, including Q & A.  Come earlier at noon with a sandwich, if you like.  Coffee, tea, and cake are available for purchase.  Bring your friends for these important lunchtime talks.

What a Celebration It Was!

This past Tuesday, we gathered together and honored our volunteers and their service to Richmond’s older community.  Enjoy the pictures (thank you Susan B.!).  If you click on them, they will get larger.  Thank you again to all of our volunteers, who are drivers, transportation coordinators, handy men & women, friendly callers, Open University instructors and support crew,  board and committee members.

You ARE The Shepherd’s Center!

Open University Presenter Changes on Mondays

There have been a few changes to the schedule on Mondays at St. Luke:

pj book The Lunch Speaker on Monday, October 3, at 12:30  at St. Luke Lutheran, will be Dr. David Mark Cooper, author of Mapping Your Adventure:  Discovering Integrity in a Life Review.  Dr. Cooper is a respected therapist and educator, who lives in Richmond.  He takes the place of Randy Fitzgerald, well-known columnist and humorist, who will be unable to speak because of illness.  Dr. Cooper will bring copies of his book, should his listeners wish to purchase it at the end of his talk.

 Ellis West will present The Constitution’s Ban on Religious Tests for Holding Public Office on October 17 and Andrew Crislip will conclude his presentation with The Lost Gospels II on October 24.  Both are at 11:00 a.m.

Shantaram Talegaonkar will present Seven Delhis: The Evolution of a City Over One Thousand Years on October 24 and Barbara Goehle will present The Amazing Victoria Falls on November 7.  Both are at 9:45.

 AND, because that is a mouthful, click here for a new first page for your schedule!


Are you ready for school!?

Get ready to expand your minds! 

pj bookOpen University starts next Monday, September 19th, at St. Luke Lutheran and the following Thursday, September 22nd, at First Presbyterian.  A whole host of courses, lectures and speakers to choose from for one low price.  Tell your friends and neighbors to join us – they don’t know what they are missing!

And don’t forget Lunch and Life at St. Mary Catholic beginning graduate-sheep-croppedWednesday, September 21st.  Free and open to the public.  Hope to see you there!

Click here for full Fall 2016 schedule

OK – One last time – Dr. Bryan’s correct dates

So sorry – This is the truly correct correction!

Dr. Bryan will speak at St. Luke Lutheran on Monday, Feb. 1;  at St. Mary Catholic on Wednesday, Feb. 3 and at First Presbyterian on Thursday, Feb. 11–all at 12:30.  Benjamin Ross, church historian of Sixth Mt. Zion Baptist Church, will be our speaker on Feb 4th.

(Note to self – Don’t make corrections before you finish your first cup of tea! – The E.D.)

Have a wonderful day and enjoy the warmer weather while it’s here!

Open University WILL happen Thursday!

Baaaaaa lambIt’s time to get out of the house!  Open University will meet as scheduled, Thursday, January 28, at First Presbyterian Church. When Richmond City Schools have a delayed opening, we meet as we normally do.  Classes are 9:45, 11:00, 12:15 and 1:30.

We also have a change of lunch speakers at 12:30. Elizabeth Seydel Morgan, prize-winning poet and author of Spans, will be unable to speak at First Presbyterian Church on Thursday, Jan. 28.  She will be rescheduled for the fall.  In her place is Paul Sacra, whose topic is “”The Battle of Cedar Mountain:  Stonewall Jackson’s Last Fight as an Independent Commander.”

We hope to see everyone who can make it safely!

MLK Day and the Open University

Is everyone ready for another Open University Session!? We begin our Winter courses next Monday, January 18th. Even though the nation celebrates the life of Dr. King and many businesses are closed on Monday, the Open University WILL MEET.  We are not closed for MLK day.

Therefore, we hope to see everyone at Luke Lutheran on January 18th, at St. Mary Catholic on January 20th, and at First Presbyterian on January 21st!

If you haven’t already seen it, we have a fantastic, full-page advertisement in 50Plus this month. You can also look for us in Style Weekly later this week.  AND listen for our ad on WCVE radio this Wednesday and Thursday.  We are all over the place!  Join the movement and spread the word about our wonderful organization!!

Sheep herd stare

The Amazing Raise Direct Link to TSCOR

amazingraise-1406833799_8063-amazing-raise-high-res-logo-signClick the link below to go directly to The Shepherd’s Center of Richmond’s donation page for The Amazing Raise!  ( From 6am, September 17 until 6pm September 18)

Thanks for participating and supporting The Shepherd’s Center of Richmond!!  We couldn’t do it without YOU!!